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Start Your Project

Great ideas are like seeds, where every seed has the potential to blossom into a beautiful, successful, life-changing project. For that to happen, it needs fertile ground where it can take root and grow. Our goal is simple: providing that fertile ground for your great ideas and community. 

Anyone can have his or her own projects. Start by writing a compelling narrative about your project that explains why it will make the world a better place or improve your community, perhaps you are introducing a new product or idea into the marketplace or maybe your goal is to enhance the art, music or literary world with your creative work.  As you put your project information together, strive to inspire backers by adding photos that help tell your story and provide a short video that conveys to people a better understand of your project better and helps them to connect with you more.  Next, develop incentives as rewards to your backers at different levels. By offering unique incentives to people who donate to your project, you will be sharing and demonstrating an appreciation of the gift that is being given to you.  Remember, although others will fund your project, you’ll retain 100 percent ownership in it’s creation and the products that you offer. 

It’s that simple.

Start Free

Fees You Should Know About

Starting a project is free. Once your project starts funding, there are a few fees that are involved.  We have a very simple fee structure. We charge 5 percent of the funding amount raised as an administrative fee.  If you want to make use of our approved affiliate team to help promote your project, that will cost another 5 percent, but only on those transactions that involve affiliates.  Additionally, there are PayPal interchange fees that generally amount to about 3 percent of the collected balance.  The rest of the raised funds will be given to you to make your dream a reality! 

Type of ProjectsTypes of Projects You Can Have

FundUsLocal is the perfect platform for launching just about any worthy project or cause that’s near and dear to your heart. But we do have some guidelines.  The types of projects that we generally accept are:

  • Starting a new business, idea or invention.
  • A work of art, including making an album, writing a book or creating a work of art.
  • A community cause, such as turning a vacant lot into a community garden, buying playground equipment for a park, or outfitting a community clinic with vital medical equipment.
  • An individual cause. Although it may be more difficult to get approved, you might want to raise funds to help rebuild someone’s home that was wiped out by a flood. Or funds may be needed to help pay critical medical bills for someone who is severely ill and can’t work.

Whatever your dreams, ideas, goals or genuine needs are, we provide the tools to help you tell your story, collect funding, track donations and to deliver regular updates to your growing community.


Sharing and Promoting Your Project

We give you the tools to connect your project to all of your social networks and make it easy for others to spread the word, too. Link your project to a Facebook page or profile, connect it with a Twitter account, post pictures to Pinterest and hook up with all the other social networks you and your audience use. You publicize your dedicated FundUsLocal URL and we let your visitors Like your page, tweet your project, post your pictures to Pinterest and promote it on their favorite social networks. It’s the easiest way to gather a committed group of like-minded people and make amazing things happen.

Getting Funded

Getting Fund

We make it easy for you to get the funds you’ve raised. Many funding sites only release funds if and when you reach your fully-funded project goal. We give you the option to set a reserve limit below your stated goal amount.  Then as soon as you meet that reserve limit, we’ll release that first batch of funds to you. If that reserve amount is never reached then no funds will be released to you. After that initial reserve point, your project can continue to gather additional funds until you reach your next milestone of either reaching your goal amount and/or the end date of your project has arrived. The incremental funding that has been pledged during those times are released to you again when each of those milestones are reached. What’s more, we do allow overfunding up until the date that your project ends.  We provide you with a customized dashboard that helps you keep track of all your funding details.

We use PayPal for all transactions related to your project. Why PayPal? Because it allows contributors to add funds to your project with any major credit card, or from their bank account or from their PayPal account balance. People trust PayPal as a payment method that does not compromise their identities or their privacy. Using PayPal as a trusted third-party payment processor makes it easier for people to contribute to your project.


Backing a Project - Becoming a Dream Enabler

Have you helped someone today? There’s nothing quite like helping someone else’s dream come true.  As a dream enabler, you’ll have the chance to donate funds to those projects that inspire you. You decide at which level you want to donate.  Projects offer various rewards and incentives at different donation levels. Your donations help to decide which projects should come into existence.

Read about the details of the project, watch any videos and give to those projects that appeal to your heart and/or give to the ones that show true creativity and initiative. Reinforcing the good things in society is something that we can all do to help foster and create a better world. The project owner may send occasional updates about the project as the funding process continues and the project develops.  You’ll be able to track the progress of projects and see funding details and milestone achievements on your dream enabler dashboard.  You’ll even be able to keep track of when the rewards will be sent out.  For those people who want to contribute to more than one project, you’ll be able to track multiple projects in one easy format.


Becoming a Dream Avatar (Affiliate)

Do you have a way and means to promote a project? Do you have a substantial social platform that gives you the leverage to promote various projects that you believe in?  If so, then you have a chance to become a Dream Avatar for FundUsLocal.  Dream Avatars are extremely valuable to project owners and to society as they help to disseminate the news about good and worthwhile projects to help get them funded. Some project creators and owners need the extra help to go beyond appealing to their own circle of influence. Dream Avatars are one way that can really help make some notable and worthy dreams come to life. As a Dream Avatar, you’ll have access to a dashboard that allows you to keep track of all available projects to promote, allows you to select only those projects and campaigns that you want to promote and it enables you to easily promote any of the dream projects to all your designated social networks right from your own dashboard with a click of a button!  Aside from helping those worthy projects and causes, Dream Avatars can easily make 4 figures or more per month with the right networks and connections to share projects with! Make money and help someone by becoming a Dream Avatar today!